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I'm Angie + I'm the girl behind Captured by Angie. I fell in love with photography at a very young age. I managed to save up all my lunch money to buy myself a point-and-shoot camera I saw at Costco (thanks mom for the lunch money lol). From there on, I fell deeper in love with capturing moments everywhere I went. I participated in my high schools yearbook team my sophomore year and took photography my junior + senior year. To this day I'm thankful for my photo teacher, she pushed me + uncovered my potential I had in photography. After high school I wish I went on to become a full time photographer but instead I pursued pharmacy (I know.....of all things, huh?). After working in a pharmacy for about two years I knew that it was not for me + on a whim I quit with nothing lined up. I prayed for months + God showed me a lot of mercy + strength through that time. To avoid staying at home + becoming lazy I started volunteering at my church in the media department + eventually was offered a spot on the team. I'm so thankful for that because it allowed me to unleash my creative side that was ready to go. So here I am now......
I'm a wife. A child of God. A creative director at an amazing non-profit. A capturer of monumental moments. Thank you for giving me the chance to purse my dream + document yours. 

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Lake Arrowhead, CA